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Acronis alternative?

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  • Acronis alternative?

    Howdy all!

    A non-profit client of ours is, predictably, on a tight budget. Can anyone recommend a product that's similar to Acronis, but cheaper, that'll run on Server 2008?


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    Re: Acronis alternative?

    You don't say which Acronis product you're looking at or what you're trying to accomplish with it, but assuming we're talking about server backup, I've been very pleased with BackupAssist.

    BackupAssist provides much of the functionality of Symantec Backup Exec, and also does image backups like Acronis Backup & Recovery. But its core product only costs $249, and that may be all you need for a small installation. The core product allows you to back up your server plus remote computers over the network. Like other backup products, there are extra-cost modules available if you need to back up a SQL server, and Exchange Server, etc. They'll even let you try the whole system free for a month. That includes the core plus all the add-ons, with no funtionality limitations.

    I'm still too new to this forum to be permitted to post URLs, but if you search the web for BackupAssist, you will find it easily.

    Mark Lebowitz, Owner
    Lebowitz IT Services LLC
    Chicago, IL