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GPO folder redirection issues

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  • GPO folder redirection issues

    I think I am experiencing issues with GPO folder redirection. I have this strange occurence where users loose connection to certain folders in their home folder.

    And the folders they loose connection to have been redirected there through GPO folder redirection; My Documents, Desktop and Favorites. They can connect to other shared folders on the same file server just fine, but can not connect to these folders in their home folder.

    The home folder is connected to a user specific folder, under a shared folder (\\fileserver\users$\username). This is defined in the user object in AD. All other network drives are connected through GPO preferences .

    The problem occurs for different users each time, and the problem can only be fixed by restarting the client machine.

    Anyone ever experienced this issue?

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    Re: GPO folder redirection issues

    Anything in the event logs ?
    What if you try to browse manually to the share at the time it is not working? Any error?
    David Silvester
    Systems Administrator


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      Re: GPO folder redirection issues

      You should simply be able to log off and log back on to get them working again, as folder redirection policies are processed at logon, not startup.

      Like David said, check the event logs. IIRC, folder redirection issues are handled in Windows Logs > Application.


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        Re: GPO folder redirection issues

        What operating systems are involved on clients, DCs and file servers?

        Where is the GPO being applied?

        What does RSoP/GPRESULT show?
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          Re: GPO folder redirection issues

          I don't work on the client side, so I can't unfortunately actually see the issue, or work on a client where the issue actually occurs. All I have to go by is what is being reported to me by the help desk. Which makes troubleshooting that much more difficult. I am not able to duplicate the problem on my test clients neither.

          I assume the problem can be fixed with logging and logging back on again, but I tihnk its not the actual folder that is not being redirected properly that is the problem. Because I can't see any errors in any of the following event logs, system, application, Folder Redirection and OfflineFiles.

          The reason why I am mentioning OfflineFiles, is because all redirected folders are automatically made available offline. And according to some sources this can cause an issue. So I am thinking of enabling the following policy "Do not automatically make redirected folders available offline" for some users, to see if the issue is resolved for those users.

          I found out that there are only Desktops in this environment, so there really is no use for offline files. The clients are Win7 Enterprise 32-bit. DCs are 2003 and 2008R2. File Server is 2008R2 Enterprise (its a two node cluster).

          GPO is being applied at the computer OU (through loopback policy processing). GPresult shows that GPO is being applied just fine.