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Password key missing from Registry

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  • Password key missing from Registry

    I have a 3rd party application running in Windows2008 Server-Std SP2 where on each time this apps launched, It will read/update the registry file which contains below info. This setting is required for a remote DB connection. On each connection the password field will go missing from registry config which requires need registry the regedit manually again. We have been running this apps for a long time Windows 2000 & Windows2003 for a very long time.
    Need help on how resolve this issue in W2008Srv

    Registry Config
    HKLocalMachine ->Software ->AppsName
    Provider=MSDAORA.1;Password=abc;User ID=abc;Data Source=www

    * Missing password param on each connection

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    Re: Password key missing from Registry

    Has it ever worked on 2008?
    If so, what has changed to stop it working (patches?)
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      Re: Password key missing from Registry

      We are trying in Windows 2008.Currently running in Windows2003.



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        Re: Password key missing from Registry

        Contact the third party people and see if they have a solution.

        Possible work around. Export the Registry key and trim out the unwanted parts. Add the password part to a script and get it to run regedit /s and restore the missing registry setting. For example, it could be incorporated into a script when the database is opened. (Just a simple new year idea )
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          Re: Password key missing from Registry

          Thanks for the Work Around. Will try.
          But I still believe some windows security features causing this fail. Will be glad if any one able to figure it out.


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            Re: Password key missing from Registry

            To be clear, you're saying that:
            • the application updates the value "Provider" under HKLM\Software\<Application Name> on each run, and
            • the "Password" string, which appears as a sub-field in the "Provider" value, is lost in this process?

            There's no way the OS itself can affect the contents of a key in this manner. If the value was missing entirely then yes, that could be a permissions issue, but a missing substring? It has to be the application or the ODBC driver (this is a connection string, right?)

            You should be able to confirm this by having Process Monitor watch the registry as the application is launched.

            From Windows 2008 onwards, the OS implements virtual directories and registry hives to maintain compatibility with old applications that write to the Program Files directory or the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE hive while still keeping the original files/keys intact, and I guess that could be what's getting in the way here.

            Have you tried running the application in Compatibility Mode?