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copy folders with permission server2008r2

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  • copy folders with permission server2008r2

    Can anyone help please?

    Is there a definitive example somewhere on how to copy (and move) folders and files with both share and security permissions on Server 2008r2.

    Or even a utility with a GUI interface that will make it easy.

    Tried all sorts from all sorts of posts for robocopy where people have tried various things and just can't seem to figure it out.

    Version of robocopy installed is XP027 - date 21/11/2010 03:24

    Can anyone post an actual example that works please or suggest a GUI utility or anything else that will allow this.

    Thanks for any help in advance

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    Re: copy folders with permission server2008r2

    What is it you want to achieve, you want to copy files and folders from one 2008R2 server to another 2008R2 Server?

    In any case, you can use robocopy to copy files and folders with NTFS permissions, but not share permissions. Why do you want to copy share permissions anyway? You should set share permissions to full control for Authenticated users, and then use NTFS permissions to lock down the shared folder.

    robocopy \\sourceServer\SourceFolder D:\Data\TargetFolder /e /v /zb /copy:DATSOU /log:c:\robocopylog\Targetfolder.log /TEE
    This will copy all files and folders from \\sourceServer\SourceFolder to D:\Data\TargetFolder on the Target Server. You obviously have to run it on the target server.

    /e -
    /v -
    /zb -
    /Copy: DATSOU (no space between the : and D)
    /log -
    /tee -

    Run robocopy /? to see what these switches do. You can also use /r and /w if you know some files are going to fail for whatever reason.

    If you want to move over shares, you can migrate the following key from the source server, but I have never done this myself.

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\lanmanserver\Shares

    You can also use File Server Migration Toolkit, but I have not used that tool either.

    Personally, I'd just use robocopy to copy folders/files and then share the folders on the new server.


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      Re: copy folders with permission server2008r2


      Just want to move to a new disk in this case - there are a lot of folders to reshare.



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        Re: copy folders with permission server2008r2

        I would not use the /TEE option since it will cause it to run slower. You may also want to consider using:
        - /NP switch to keep your logs uncluttered.
        - /MT to use multiple threads on the server. When using the switch it will default to 8 threads. If you want to use more or less you can specify the number /MT:n
        - /R:1 /W:1 to have it only try each file once. The default is 1,000,000 retries with 30 seconds in-between. So one locked file will essentially cause your copy job to lock up. I just have my scripts move on and I review the log for any failed copies.

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