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Problems with RAID1 drive crash

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  • Problems with RAID1 drive crash

    I have a Lenovo server running Server 2008/R2 Foundation. It has been in service since 2011 and was running under a RAID1 configuration.
    This morning one of the drives crashed. The unit is now booting on the second drive, but I only see old files; nothing recent. I have never seen this before. Any suggestions as to what to do? It looks like the backup may be old too.

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    Re: Problems with RAID1 drive crash

    Is it hardware or software RAID?

    Take the drives out and put into another working PC and see if there is anything on the failed drive - if not, and it is clear the RAID broke some time ago, you will have to look at buying DR software or a professional data recovery service
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      Re: Problems with RAID1 drive crash

      It is a Lenovo TS200V using hardware RAID. With RAID 1 the drives should be exact copies of each other. I know there is current data there somewhere. It doesn't make any sense to me.


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        Re: Problems with RAID1 drive crash

        unless the array actually broke some time ago, so data was being written to Disk0 and not mirrored to Disk1.
        if disk0 is now physically broken, then the array will boot off disk1, which has no data mirrored to it for a while.

        why do you think your backups rae old ? Do you not test them regularly, or monitor to ensure they run ?

        I agree with you - that the drives should be an exact mirror.

        As ossian has suggested - try taking both the drives out and attaching them to another raid controller. Maybe the actual controller is faulty ?

        otherwise - start looking at data recovery companies
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