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network files slow to open

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  • network files slow to open

    Hello, we are running Win Server 2008 and when trying to access our company folder it's taking 3 to 5 minutes to open up files, word doc, excel file or access files. We are running Win 7 on all the machines and it was working fine on Friday and today I'm not sure what happened. I did a reboot on the server but that didn't help, any ideas what I could try? Thanks.

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    Re: network files slow to open

    does this happen on all machines, or just some?
    If you try to open the files on the server, do they open quickly?
    have you checked if any patches were applied?
    have you checked the speed and duplex of the network interfaces on both client and server?
    have you checked the switches for troubleshooting information?
    have you looked at event logs?
    have you checked drivers and firmware for network cards?
    have you run a chkdsk on the server volumes ?

    I'm sure there's more things you could look at
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      Re: network files slow to open


      I will suggest you some things,

      1) turn off Remote deferencial compression (RDP)
      2) turn off allowing your network adapter to turn off ur computer
      3) disable large send offload V2 (ip 4) in ur network adapter setting under device manager

      check the attachment.

      Good Luck!
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