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Printserver problems

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  • Printserver problems

    I had an old Server 2003 printserver that was replaced with a Server 2008R2 server. I imported all print Queues and all printers but the Lexmark ones are working just fine.

    The Lexmark printers are T644 and T634. These are old printers that there are no specific drivers for anymore. But according to Lexmark one should be able to print from these printers by using the Lexmark Universal driver.

    So I installed the Lexmark Universal v2 PS3 driver, and tried to print, but I just get a page with the following output

    This job cannot print because its header is not in the printer. Please return to the driver's dialog box, mark the header as not in the printer, and then print again.

    There is no such option in the driver's dialog Box. Anyone else every experienced this?

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    Re: Printserver problems

    This is a PostScript problem. There should be an option called "download header with each print job" or something very similar somewhere. See if the driver properties window has a "PostScript" tab, or possibly an "Advanced" button somewhere.

    There are 3 "Universal" drivers on the Lexmark web site; one PostScript 3, one PCL 5e and one called "PCL XL" (old name for PCL 6 Enhanced). If you can't get the PostScript driver to work, try one of the PCL drivers.


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      Re: Printserver problems

      I could not find that option in the driver settings.

      The solution was to delete those print queues and add them again. I also told the driver to get printer settings automatically from each printer. Apparently importing those printer queues from an old server to a new one, just did not work for some reason.