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Application pools - newbie question

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  • Application pools - newbie question

    I'm very new to Microsoft server, so, this may be a stupid question. I installed Server 2008 RC2, Exchange 2010, and I installed a second web site on my server. On the second web site I want to enable 32-bit applications (I'm used to running ISPAI PHP, even though I know FastCGI is the preferred setup). When I create the second site a new application pool is automatically created. But - and this is what I do not understand - when I set the 32 bit option to "true" in the new application pool, it also changes the default application pool for this value to true - which buggers Exchange, and, the server generally. Obviously, I don't understand how application pools work together. Why does changing one change the other...?

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    Re: Application pools - newbie question

    does this help..?
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