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Temporary AD setup

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  • Temporary AD setup

    Hi folks

    I have a requirement to setup temporary air gapped networks containing 1 domain controller and up to 15 client workstations.

    The server and workstation were originally setup then sent to an IT hardware hire company, who imaged the hardware and then every time we need to setup they send us the hardware with the original image. If I get a solution then I can get the kit re-imaged.

    My issue is with adding the workstations to the domain with the minimum of effort. Since the original image contains the original workstation name then when we connect to the domain we get duplicate names.

    Considering that when it is being setup there is not always a competent IT tech on site, I need a process that will automatically as soon as the workstation is turned on will pickup an available workstation name and join to the domain or prompt the user for a computer name.

    I don't know if I am clear enough but any suggestions welcomed.


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    Re: Temporary AD setup

    It sounds as if you are describing SYSPREP, which will get a reference computer ready for cloning.

    has lots of info
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      Re: Temporary AD setup

      yep - sysprep is the solution.

      just so i'm clear - you mention airgap and domain.. you aren't being sent machines from the master domain right? They are specific to this domain?

      the hardware hire company should be able to edit the gold image so that it's syspreped with an auto-build process..

      basically - all th base OS and applications and patches are installed.
      you plug the machine in, turn it on, and it walks through part of th setup - the portion where you enter the machine name and domain details etc.

      even this can be further automatd and made to nam the machine based on a hwaddr or something like that.. so all the person turning it on should need to do is enter their username/password (and even a standard domain user can join up to a certain unmber of devices to a domain, I think it's 5 by default but can be increased)
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        Re: Temporary AD setup

        Sysprep will certainly accomplish the end goal of having each system’s SID regenerated to avoid conflict and having each system prompt for name, license, domain, etc, but it sounds as though what you are looking for is to avoid these prompts altogether. Perhaps the most basic way to address this would be to automate the prompts using an Answer File, through which you could automatically answer all of the prompts except the name of the computer, thus greatly minimizing the amount of data entry per system. The best way to generate an Answer File is through the Window System Image Manager (WSIM) which can be downloaded as part of the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) or Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) depending on which version of Windows you are using.

        Ultimately, the best way to automate the process would be perform the deployment through the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT). MDT would allow you to completely automate the process including procuring a workstation name, joining the domain, installing applications, installing drivers for varying models of hardware, and much more. This video from the Springboard Series provides a brief introduction to MDT.

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