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FSMO seize (IM role) to target CG server

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  • FSMO seize (IM role) to target CG server

    Hi guys,

    I have three DC's (2008R2 SP1):
    DC1 holds all FSMO roles + DNS\DHCP
    DC2\DC3 are both CGs + DNS servers, all in one happy single domain\forest.

    I'd like to separate a clone of DC3 making it a stand alone DC + FSMO roles, in a separated lab, not connected to production, for testing playing around.

    Cloned DC3 (its a VM), to separate lab environment, simple.
    Boots up, seized all FSMO roles easy to do.
    But IM role shouldn't be on same server with GC
    Quote from the FSMO seize article (hint this site..)

    Do not put the Infrastructure Master (IM) role on the same domain controller as the Global Catalog server.

    Should have i removed CG role from DC3 before FSMO seize?
    Should have I added a CG role after IM role was moved, probably not as output would be the same -> IM + GC on same server?
    Should i setup another DC in the lab DC4, add GC role to it?

    How does the first DC in a forest\domain become IM+GC, can i replicate this?


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    Re: FSMO seize (IM role) to target CG server

    IM not on a GC is only true for multidomain forests (see

    If you think about it, the first DC in a new forest holds all 5 FSMOs and must also be a GC

    So basically, make it a GC and be happy
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      Re: FSMO seize (IM role) to target CG server

      Yep thanks, it's what i figured but wasn't sure.
      Thanks for the link.