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FSRM Question

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  • FSRM Question

    Hi All,

    Having a bit of a weird issue with 2008 R2 quotas:

    If I have a quota of 10 GB at for example 90% and I delete a few GB from the folder the quota is set on the FSRM app still reports the usage at 90%.

    How do you get it reflect the new lower value? The only way I've been able to get it to work so far is to delete the quota and re-create it. I can't imagine this is the way its supposed to be and quite sure I'm missing something. Is there a way to force a recalculation of the folder size? Refreshes and peak usage resets seem to have no effect and I've also left it for a few days to update itself but no joy (thought that was maybe on some kind of slow schedule).

    We have a lot of quotas set and they are quite strict so people are often getting close to the limits and the only way to get them working again is the delete/recreate route which is a bit of a pain. Any help would be appreciated

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    Re: FSRM Question

    I'm a bit rusty on FSRM but are the quotas set on folders or on users? I'm pretty sure (not positive) the quotas are calculated by file ownership. So when freeing up space, are you deleting files owned by the user?

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      Re: FSRM Question

      Hi Jeremy,

      Yes the quotas are set on folders (user's redirected home directories) and when deleting their contents FRSM doesnt update to the new reduced value. If the quota is deleted and recreated on the same folder it shows the correct (lower) value.