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migrating from linux to server 2008

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  • migrating from linux to server 2008

    I have just joined n a school and they are migrating from linux server to windows 2008 server. So just wanted to know if anyone could help me out in this process on how it is to be done and the procedure to be followed.


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    Re: migrating from linux to server 2008

    This question as it is now is way too vague and way too broad. Please give us as much detail as possible about what services/roles/applications are being migrated.


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      Re: migrating from linux to server 2008


      There is a server which at the moment is Linux . They are planning to migrate from linux to windows 2008 server. So i wanted to know how this migration is done and the procedures involved.

      I am not sure whether they are going to migrate the services ,roles and applications along with it, also i dont know whether migration of these can be done from linux to windows 2008.

      Could you please let me know how this is done ,migrating with the services ,roles and applications and without .



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        Re: migrating from linux to server 2008

        We also need to know about the network infrastructure and the client side, including if any kind of directory service is used.

        You will also need to think about things like DHCP, DNS, printers, proxying and web filtering (since you are a school, I hope you filter) and a zillion and one other things.

        But basically (assuming windows clients):
        Copy data of Linux server to windows readable media
        Backup data on client profiles
        Install Server 2008R2 (definitely not 200
        DCPromo to new domain
        Configure DNS/DHCP
        Restore data and create shares
        Create user logins
        Set up printers
        Join clients to domain
        Recreate profiles under new login

        AFAIK there is no way of directly migrating services and roles (but we do not know what these are) from Linux to Windows so it will be a case of documenting everything and starting from scratch.

        Of course, coming from a penguin environment, RFC1149 might also be applicable
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