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Wireless user authentication server 2008

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  • Wireless user authentication server 2008

    Hi everyone,

    I have a cisco wireless router acting as an ap for my wireless users, right its open but I would like to introduce some security. All my clients have active directory user accounts so they can logon to the domain, I want to set up a radius 2008 server so the wireless users have to authenticate using their AD credentials. Question is I want windows and non windows devices to be configured to prompt for a username and password when connecting to the access point. Is there a particular protocol (EAP, CHAP, PAP etc) that will allow any device reguardless of the operating system to authenticate using active directory?

    Valenski says thanks.

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    Re: Wireless user authentication server 2008

    Most devices support PEAP so you should be able to use that with WPA2 and AES. That would be the most secure. (unless you wanted to roll out certificates but that can be a pain)

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