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GPO's and profiles

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  • GPO's and profiles

    We have a Xenapp 5 environment running on Server 2008 Std., and the server is running out of space. The drive capacity is 40GB (Yes, you read that right) and 10GB in 57000 files is used for user profiles on that drive. There is the added disadvantage that sometimes if a user is downloading a file, it will fill the disk before the file finishes downloading and is moved into the Downloads folder (Redirected elsewhere on the network). Is it possible to move user profiles completely off the system drive? In the past, I've used test scenarios to try mounting a network disk into a physical path (i.e. Users), but the user data is generally needed before the mapping takes place and causes all sorts of issues. Until we can upgrade, can anyone recommend a way to relocate the data without breaking Citrix? I've moved everything else possible (even Swapfiles) off the drive, and there is no hiberfile.sys either- The disk space is used for the OS, installed programs (Not the data, just the program files), and Windows Updates (Just for this server- no WSUS infrastructure).

    Let me know. Thanks for your help.

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    Re: GPO's and profiles

    What folder is using most of the space in the Profile? I suspect AppData. You should consider Folder Redirection and Roaming Profiles. The folder to test, if you choose to redirect it, is AppData as some applications don't like it when it has been redirected. I tend to not redirect it and leave it part of the Roaming Profile.

    Any folders left in the Roaming Profile are of course downloaded to the server each time and redirected folders stay on the file share.

    This article is worth a review.

    With regards to upgrading, you can review the Windows 2012/MDOP 'User Experience Virtualisation'


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      Re: GPO's and profiles

      Virtual's suggestion is good. Be sure to delete the local copy of the roaming profile after logoff:

      Also, with storage being so inexpensive, you could just simply replace the hard drives with bigger ones and that should tide you over until the upgrade.

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        Re: GPO's and profiles

        Thanks for the replies- great points in both. I have been working through a test of the roaming solution in Virtual's link, and I'll know in the next day or so if it's workable as a cursory solution.
        The only reason I haven't purchased more storage for the server is that the entire firm hinges on this machine- if I do anything that upsets the applecart, we are down hard until it's back up. My maintenance window is typically about an hour on Saturday from 2am-3am, which is not enough time to take an image, swap out drives, restore the image, and test. The hardware is 6 years old, and I try not to touch it- that's why my solutions are software solutions to get by until I can get a new server into the budget and setup a parallel environment, then test and migrate gradually. Thanks though! I'll update this thread when I finish testing my roaming setup.