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NTFS permissions issue

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  • NTFS permissions issue

    I'm seeing some very strange permissions stuff lately. Things that don't make much sense to me.

    The folder in the picture has Domain Admins, full control. I'm a domain admin. I'm, logged in as domain admin. (Like how I verified all of that in one picture?) The folder is located at C:\tt_wbadmin, and I can navigate around the rest of the C: just fine. When I attempt to enter the folder I get the "You don't currently have permissions to access this folder" error box.

    Yes I know I can take ownership, or just hit the continue button on the error box and get in. I shouldn't have to give explicit permissions to each user when the group "Domain Admins" has full control. But it shouldn't be doing this to me. This issue is breaking a script I'm running with a different domain admin account.

    I'm also having another permissions issue on a Win 2k3 server (on a different domain). But I will post about that later.

    Anybody know what is going on?

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    Re: NTFS permissions issue

    Actually this is by design. This has to do with UAC. When you log on with an administrator account you are given two access tokens, the user token and the full administrator token. The user token is stripped of the admin SIDs and access. Here's a link for more info:

    If you run your script from an elevated command prompt or if you were to access the folder from an elevated Explorer window, you wouldn't have issues.

    You could also create another group and give it full control permissions on the folder and then add the users to the group it should allow you through without prompting.

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