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    Has anyone configured an SBS2011 server for group policies which lock down a windows server 2008r2 (Remote Desktop Server) box on the same network, using the one logon.
    I am trying to allow users at this site the ability to logon to their pc's & the RDS server with the same user account, but with access to the control panel etc denied when accessing the RDserver.
    I have created an OU & placed the RDS server into that OU. I have then applied a GPO to that OU but access to the RDS control panel remains available. I have enabled "User Group Policy Loopback Processing Mode" in the GPO, but the explanation states that it only applies to User & Computer accounts in a Server 2000 domain.
    Is this not possible with Windows server 2008r2?

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    Re: Group Policy Objects

    It will work with 2008 without any issues. So far it sounds like you're performing the right steps.

    Are you using Merge or Replace for loopback processing?
    Have you configured the restrictions you require in the same policy that you specified loopback processing?
    Can you run a gpresult /r with the user that is logged on the the RDS server and verify that the policy is being applied to the computer and the user.

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