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  • Member Of and Member

    What is the difference between "Member Of" and "Member"????

    Say, I want to add a user to a group .... which one is correct to use???


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    Re: Member Of and Member

    In terms of a looking at a group:

    "Members" are the AD objects that are a member of that group. You could have users, computers, printers, or other groups, be a member of a group. (there are rules on it though)

    "Member of" tells you which other groups that particular group is a member of.

    for instance, you might have a group called "Accounting"
    within that Accounting group, you might have members u_Sally, u_Joe, u_Fred and G_Directors.

    So - users fred, sally, joe have access to this group which is used to control permission to the Accounting database. Anyone who is also a member of group "Directors" will have the same access.

    Now let's look at the "Directors" group.
    under "members" this group has u_tom, u_dick, u_harry.
    under "member of" this group is a member of "G_Accounting"

    Does that help ?
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