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Migration from physical SBS 2003 > VMWare Win 2008 S2

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  • Migration from physical SBS 2003 > VMWare Win 2008 S2

    Hi there

    I'm project managing a server/domain migration for a small business. I'm responsible for scheduling/comms/coordination between the parties. I will be supported over the weekend by a third party company that we have service credits with. Firewall/spam filtering is handled by a third party company and I will need to specify DNS name changes ahead of the move.

    They are currently running exchange/AD/IIS/DHCP/DNS on a Win 2003 SBS. The project comprises:

    Move organisation from to, configure existing email clients on PC's laptops (30 total). Move exchange/AD/IIS/DHCP/DNS/SQL to new VMWare environment. Ensure VPN connectivity from satellite office to main office is restored.

    I believe that the firewall rules to the new VMWare environment from the satellite office are already in place as there is an existing VM on the same cluster that is already being connected to.

    I understand that some people believe that using migration tools can cause issues, would be useful to find out what the objections are.

    What would be useful is an outline migration guide, really the steps to take in order, currently my schedule is this:

    Backup of existing SBS 2003 server
    Configuration and preparation of 2 x VM Ware servers (SQL server and File/Print/Exchange/AV/IIS server)
    Specification/configuration of backup strategy for VM environment
    Make Win 2008 server new domain controller
    Installation of exchange/AD and migration of users/mailboxes
    Move public folders (if they exist)
    Domain change from to, physical changes to Outlook clients
    Move shared folders
    Move DHCP and DNS
    Connectivity testing (from satellite office), VPN testing,

    Any comments welcomed, especially about the order and approach, domain controllers and DNS changes.