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  • Advice on my issue

    I have a 2000 server and a 2008 server running. One is running exchange and other other a database application. Call this Domain 1

    I have another 2008 server call it Domain 2 on the same network but its a different domain. The person who wanted it setup didnt want the two networks to share credentials or info for security reasons. They later introduced software that required access for users on Domain 1 to Domain 2 To run the software they needed to be part of the Domain 2 and in certain groups for the software to work.

    This has now created a RDC scenario to Domain 2 from Domain 1 computers in order to run the software. While this is an option its not the best and there is some lag due to the nature of the software. (Video and data stream)

    The questions on how to approach this:

    Would I demote the server domain 2 and bring it over to domain 1? What is the best way to do this?

    Is there any other way to share groups between two different domains?

    I hope I have made it clear enough.


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    Re: Advice on my issue

    You can create a Forest Trust between the two AD Forests. This will allow one Forest to trust users from the other Forest and vice versa. Depending on your specific needs there are a number of ways to configure the trust to allow for broad or narrow access from one Forest to the other and vice versa.


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      Re: Advice on my issue

      I agree with JoeQ - the simplest path is probably to create a Trust
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        Re: Advice on my issue

        Thanks. Thats what I figured.

        Two options as of now:



        Demote the server and join it to the other domain with no AD role and clean up the mess.


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          Re: Advice on my issue

          Just to follow up.

          The Forest Trust was the best way to go and it resolved my issue.

          Thanks for the advice.