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NPS Network Policies

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  • NPS Network Policies

    I am trying to configure NPS/Radius authentication for VPN users. My question is:

    When I have multiple network policies, how can I specify what that policy applies too?

    For instance I have my firewall defined as a radius client and I have a network policy that allows for people to authenticate to it via SSH and ASDM, but I have another policy that defines a group to be authenticated via VPN. The issue is the firewall is only allowing VPN access to people that belong to the policy that is defined for management of the device.

    I want the VPN users to be able to be authenticated via radius for VPN, but not administration of the device? Is this possible?

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    Re: NPS Network Policies

    You can filter on RADIUS attributes. For instance, the firewall is probably sending the Framed-Protocol attribute when a user authenticates via VPN.