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Window admin server 2008 project help :( !

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  • Window admin server 2008 project help :( !

    Hi guys , this is my firs post and hoping someone can help me on this problem that i am scratching my head from several weeks

    i scanned the whole project papers , 2 papers i just need help on the second question starting from " the company would like to have...... " it starts on page 3

    this project was for 2 people but my prof. told i have to do it bymyself there lies my confusion , i have to install 2 virtual machine -_- and then m confused now

    HELP !

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    Re: Window admin server 2008 project help !

    entire thread reported...
    If you're having trouble with this - I'd suggest you speak with the course facilitators, after all, I assume you're paying them quite a bit of money for this. They should be assisting you.

    actually. on second thought. while I suspect you may have made the additional 5 posts to be able to upload the image, this is really not the way to get attention.

    All of the professionals here give their own time freely and willingly - it's unfair of you to expect rapid response - especially where it relates to coursework and
    1) there should be course facilitators to help you
    2) you've actually shown no understanding of the material
    3) you haven't asked pointed questions
    4) you want someone to do the work for you.

    If you've got some specific questions you'd like to know - maybe around how to do sometihng particular, or why something might be done in MethodA rather than MethodB or questions like that (ie, the sorts of questions that demonstrate you do have some understanding of the basic groundings) then you'll find people may be a bit more helpful.
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      Re: Window admin server 2008 project help !

      Too add to this no one here will help you complete a school/university/an other test.


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        Re: Window admin server 2008 project help !

        Should have read the forum rules about double posting / bumping
        2 week ban

        Ditto the other comments -- do your own coursework!
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