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2008 R2 File Server Permissions Issue

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  • 2008 R2 File Server Permissions Issue

    I've got a Windows 2008 R2 server acting as a file server. I have one share where Excel and Word files are acting oddly. Let me explain:

    A Word/Excel file exists in a folder. The folder was created, then the NTFS permissions were set to give "domain users" full control of the every sub-folder and file in that folder, I then shared that folder, giving the same "full control" to domain users.

    User A opens the file, makes some changes, saves and then closes the file. Sometime later, User B opens the same file makes more changes and then tries to save it, but is prevented from doing so. User B is told that the file is "read-only".

    User A can re-open the file and make as the change and can save it. Only choice that User B has is to save the file as a different name. Then User B can delete the original file and rename the new file to the original name.

    As of right now it appears to ONLY be affecting Word and Excel files - pictures, txt files, AutoCAD drawings, and other file types seem to be unaffected.

    A bit more detail: This server was close to being full on disk space a few weeks ago. I added another drive to the machine and moved the files in this share to the new drive and re-shared the folder. Ever since then the problem has existed. Nothing special about the permissions - I want everyone to have full control. I'm fairly certain that I duplicated the permissions - both NTFS and Share - properly.

    Anyone help?
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    Re: 2008 R2 File Server Permissions Issue

    When you moved the share to the new volume, did you statefully remove the old share first? If not, that share's GUID is probably cached somewhere. Searching thru finds many references to Office Cache. While most refer to caching for upload to a web center, etc., it may be relatted to your issue.

    Follow the suggestions from your search on how to clear said cache, reboot the specimen PC(s) and see if things change.
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