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  • Folder Redirection Red X

    I am using Server 2008 R2, I have a flakey issue with folder redirection. I am trying to determine if this is a software issue or hardware.

    I have a few workstations running windows 7 that run into a red X problem. I simply have docs, desktop redirected to the server then the server backs up. During the day the Windows 7 Machines will have a red x over some files and folders and they will be slightly grayed out. The user cannot open those files or folders. The simple fix is reboot the workstation, everything goes back to normal. But this is annoying if they have to do this multiple times a day. This workstation is brand new, I just installed it a month or so ago and that is when the issue started happening. It's predecessor was an eight year old XP machine that was slow but worked fine with the folder redirection from the sbs 2003 server to the new server 2008 r2.

    The hardware issue possibility is that they are on the top floor of a building, the roof caved in a few months back and soaked the router and switches with rain water. Everything seemed to be ok, they did not want to invest in new equipment since it was "working".

    I noticed after I installed a new AP shortly after the waterfall the wireless clients lose their internet connection sometimes. It is erratic and seems to only happen when I am not there, i can never recreate the issue when I am onsite. I have yet to move the AP to a different Ethernet jack and retest, but that is for another day.

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    Re: Folder Redirection Red X

    Sounds as if you have identified the root cause of the problem!
    I have never seen problems with redirected content as long as networking was reliable (i.e. no 10mb hubs lurking behind a filing cabinet )

    Can you put in some alternative network kit on a temporary basis to see if it improves things? Also can you investigate if moisture has got into the cables?
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      Re: Folder Redirection Red X

      If it are some files that are grayed out, then I think it's a Client Side Caching (offline files) problem. Ensure that CSC is not enabled on the clients.

      And, for UNC paths rather use the FQDN of the server in the path rather than using the netbiosname of the server.

      To start troubleshooting begin with the Application event log. Additionally you can enable verbose logging: <- output is located in this file %windir%\debug\usermode\fdeploy.log

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