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Folder Redirection or ROBOCOPY profile

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  • Folder Redirection or ROBOCOPY profile

    What is the best practice for protecting a domain users profile behind the scenes?

    Using a logon script to robocopy the profile over to the server?

    Or using folder redirection?

    I have run into issues with both, like a handy red X over files with folder redirection or GPO's failing to run on Vista/7 machines, or even sync issues. With these issues, at least the end user knows something is wrong and to contact me.

    With the logon batch file (which I did not create, a friend did) I have seen it either not run on Windows 7/ Vista because of UAC. Or just stop functioning. The only way I know it doesn't work, is checking the log file it creates to see the most recent date. The user has no clue it stopped working and I would have to manually check each workstation.

    So what is the best practice here? What do you do to protect user data?

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    Re: Folder Redirection or ROBOCOPY profile

    IMHO folder redirection is preferable because the content lives on the server -- roaming profiles need to be copied to the clients on logon and up to the server on logoff, slowing things down.

    If you have to use RPs, redirect as much as you can.

    (Robocopy will still take time, so the same advice applies)
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