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Printer GPO Filtering on Citrix

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  • Printer GPO Filtering on Citrix

    I am in an environment with many users, some in the company and some outside customers. We use a system that is based on GP, and it has an issue with a setting about relying on system fonts that must be disabled in order to create PDF's using a collection of Acrobat products from version 8 to XI. Everyone logs in to a single terminal server, which runs Citrix. Each user must be able to access all their printers through the Citrix environment (It's Xenapp 5). The problem is that, with 20-30 users signing in, each gets a uniquely-named Adobe PDF printer based on their computer name and session ID. We lose many reports and duplicate much work because of this "Rely on System Fonts" setting defaulting to being ENABLED. Adobe does not support disabling it, and Microsoft has admitted it is a problem in GP starting at version 8 and up to the present time- Their recommended fix is to go in to the Adobe PDF Printer and turn off the setting. This would work fine if we were dealing with one PDF printer at the Workstation level... But what happens is that when one user logs in to Citrix from a computer they have not logged in on before, it creates a new Adobe PDF printer.... and if any one of the Adobe PDF printers has the "Rely on System Fonts" box enabled, every user has to comb through 15 or 20 Adobe PDF printer preferences dialogs before they can work, or else their reports get lost.

    Printers are created on Citrix at login.

    With all that said, what's the best solution? I would think the best thing would be to create a GPO that prevents printers starting with Adobe PDF from being created. I'm new to printer management thru GPO's. how do I even begin this- is it a WMI filter or something?

    Please let me know.

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    Re: Printer GPO Filtering on Citrix

    We are also struggling with printers in our Citrix XenApp 5 environment. Anxious to hear from a Citrix expert on the forum.
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      Re: Printer GPO Filtering on Citrix

      What kinds of issues are you having with your printers?