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broken link of windows 2008r2 server to client

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  • broken link of windows 2008r2 server to client

    I have newly installed the server last 3 weeks (windows 2008r2) and it was fully functional with in that weeks. At present, one of our staff reported that the server has broken link to the clients pc (win7). Then, when I checked the server manager, DNS status is running and DHCP. But I founded errors in the event logs (Even I.D 1056, 407 and 40.

    by the way, this is my local connection config:

    When I started diagnosing the network in the server side network sharing center, I founded that my domain has sign of problem which you can see the yellow color link from your local server name. Immediately, I'd double click the yellow color link for diagnose the network. After that, "No DHCP enable on the local are connection" was display. Then, I click the one option (network administrator repair) something like that. After the fixing process finished, two problem are displayed, " No valid IP Address on your local area connection" and DHCP is not enable". This problem is really puzzle to me, how come my static IP disappear? Many times, I tried to input manually the IP address and again it still get lost again when I repeat the process I made.

    I hope somebody will give their expertise to help me.

    Thank you very much..