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website blocking problem

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  • website blocking problem

    Hi ,

    We are using Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit edition and install a VMWare Workstation on it. Create one Windows 2003 Servers Std edition and install ISA Server 2004 on that.

    Here is the IP configuration i have made inside this.

    DC Server IP

    GW ( ISA Server IP )


    ISA Server IP

    GW ( Router IP )

    DNS :

    Is this configuration is correct ?

    Also i tried to block the from isa server , but somehow its opening only.

    I created a URL Set and Domain Name Set as below set deny on that , but still its opening.

    Block this

    Domain Name System

    IS this configuration is correct , then why still i am able to access that from client machine. I have also nslookup and check all available IP for facebook and even add those in URL Set..but still its opening.

    So do i need to add updated ip everyday in URL Set...that will not be a good option.

    Also can anyone suggest some good software , which is able to block some this is small firm , please provide some suggestions...



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    Re: website blocking problem

    Are the clients actually using the ISA server or are they going directly to the inter-web-thingy?

    IIRC there is an ISA client that needs to be deployed (but note I have not used ISA for a long, long time so that may be wrong)
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      Re: website blocking problem

      Hi ,

      I have tried with both one by one ...install firewall client in client machine as well as using a webproxy also...but still my clients are able to open the

      so , where exactly i am missing the things...

      please help...




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        Re: website blocking problem

        just get an old computer, p4 with two NICs and at least 512 megs of ram and a 40 gig hard drive and create a smoothwall box. install advproxy and urlfilter...

        should take you about an hour at the most if you follow this walk-thru, even with no linux experience.

        Setup Smoothwall Express 3.0 as a second layer web proxy and filter.

        ive done a dozen of these for small operations that cant afford a dedicated MTU or the tech. they can manage the whitelist and blacklist via webpage.
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          Re: website blocking problem

          Check your NIC config using this link:-

          Make sure that the Facebook block rule is higher in the rule order than the Web Access rule as well.
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