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Logon script with admin rights

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  • Logon script with admin rights


    I need to run a script with admin priveliges. Normally I would use a "start up"-script. Here is the catch though: This needs to be run when the user is signed in because lync have to be running and signed in on the computer.

    Any tips ?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Logon script with admin rights

    what if you just put a long pause in the script?

    can you include a local query to determine the state of lync? or like a direct query to the dB to determine user presence?

    'conceptually' speaking, something like:

    if userpresence=0, then wait 2 seconds, query again, if userpresence=1, then continue with the script
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      Re: Logon script with admin rights

      Thank you James, I'll have a look into it.


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        Re: Logon script with admin rights

        When Windows Vista / server 2008 or above:

        GPO / computer configuration / preferrences / sheduled tasks / New / Triggers: begin the task at logon of any user

        If the task should run as an local admin then at tab General also check: Run whether user is logged on or not. Additionally you may also want to check the option Run with highest priveleges depending on the kind of job to be done,


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