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  • Login Failed

    I have a 2008 Server Core that I am trying to RDP to. I used to be able to RDP, now I am getting the following error message:
    Login Failed
    You are connected to the remote computer. However, an error occurred while an initial user program was starting, so you are being logged off. Contact the system administrator for assistance.

    I have also tried to VNC. I have looked at different topics on this issue. One of the suggestions was to go to a specific registry key, which I was able to, but that didn't fix the issue. The registry key was:
    hklm\software\microsoft\windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options

    I was able to select Permission and I made sure that System has full control permission. User group has Read permission.

    This ties into another issue I have is with my 2008 Server clock shows 8 minutes fast. This is a VM which holds the FSMO roles that the time is 8 minutes fast.

    1) I need to be able to log into the 2008 Core - This is a physical box.
    2) I need to fix the time on the 2008 Server - This is a VM


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    Re: Login Failed

    have you tried rebooting it?
    Do you have an ilo or drac that you could use to logon to it from a console session, or physical access ?
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