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    I have a print server on a domain server 2008R2. I have installed a printer with both 64 and 86 drivers. If i am on the server, i can print, this printer has an ip.

    i have tried to connect several computes to the print server printer, (\\ip\printername)in which it goes through the proces, and then asks to install the print driver from the server, it supposedly does because the icon shows up with a check mark to be the default printer........But when i try to pint a test page, it says that there isn't a driver, and i need to install one, so it opens up the HAVE DISK\BROWSE box, for me to install the driver. After installing the driver, which i know is the same 86 and 64 on the server, i try to print a test page, and get the "Microsoft error send don't send" message.

    the computers i am trying to install the printer on, are not part of the domain. does this have anything to do with it?...What could be the problem. the domain is for the Terminal Server just in case your courious. Not all computers need to access the terminal server.

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    Re: Print Server

    Probably a silly question, but is it an issue with 32bit / 64bit drivers (i.e. are both installed on the server?)
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      Re: Print Server

      Have you imported the relevant print driver using the Print Management console installed on one of the Client PCs and point it at the Print server. Sounds as if you need to add the 32 bit driver and using the console on a 32 bit PC will allow you to do so.


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        Re: Print Server

        Thanks for the response, i updated the original post to be more specific.

        Ossian, it may be, but i don't think so. I made sure that i used the same driver on both ends for the 64 & 86.

        Virtual, not sure what you mean by importing relevant pd & pointng to print server. when i add a printer, and map the network printer on the server, and then it s that i will be installing a driver, it's pointing then. Do you mean to install the driver using the PMC before i map the printer.

        The problem is once the printer is installed,(i see the icon for the printer) and i try to print a test page, all of a sudden, a message pops up and says that the printer driver isn't installed on this printer. do you want to install it now, when i click yes, i have to point to the driver.........

        I've never seen a print icon show up before, without having the driver. It's there, but i guess it's not??????
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          Re: Print Server

          Do you only have the issue on a 32 bit PC?


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            Re: Print Server

            never thought of that, DUH??!!!!, THANKS!!!!, need to find a 64 bit, will let you know


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              Re: Print Server

              couldn't connect with the 64, almost as if the printer didn't exist. I can ping it. But it just fails immediately. Went to a 32, and could connect, same thing but doesn't work.???????

              the printer on the server has an ip address. When i try to connect, i'm using \\hostname\printer name. I just tried to connect to the printer on a domain server like that and it did the same thing as the 64 "Window Cannont Connect To The Printer" the server is 64 as well.
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