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Print Server - 64 & 32-bit clients drivers

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  • Print Server - 64 & 32-bit clients drivers

    Hi all,
    I have a 2008 (64-bit) server that I also use to share a printer (laserjet 4050).

    My clients are win7 - both 64-bit & 32-bit. 64-bit work fine - printer installs OK.

    32-bit doesn't work - asks for the location of the driver, but I don't have it. I go to Dell's site and it says use the one already installed with win7 - which doesn't work in this case.

    Is there some trick to pushing out 32-bit drivers on a 64-bit server?


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    Re: Print Server - 64 & 32-bit clients drivers

    Why would you go to Dell's web site for a driver for an HP printer? Go to HP's web site and download the appropriate driver and add it to the server.


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      Re: Print Server - 64 & 32-bit clients drivers

      That's an older model device; we use 4350 devices, and we've had some of those since 2006. We've found that the only driver that works with Win7 is the HP Universal driver, which the HP download site should show you when you make the selections for language, OS, etc. Be advised, no matter how strong the PC, this driver takes AGES to install itself, and to add any devices to use. But it DOES work.
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        Re: Print Server - 64 & 32-bit clients drivers

        If you like add the 32 bit printer driver as an additional driver to an existing printer on the print server, the version of the drivers should be the same.

        You can add 32-bit printer drivers to a 64-bit server from a 32 bit machine,
        1. On the 32 bit machine open windows explorer and enter: \\printservername

        2. Click "View Printers".
          (This changes the network path in the addres bar to: \\printservername\Printers )

        3. Then right click in the righthand pane and select "Server properties"

        4. go to the Drivers tab, click Add... it will give you the printer driver list from the local machine.

        Another approche is by using Print Manager on the 32 bit client

        Or, you probably could copy the entire "FileRepository\ntprint.inf_x86_neutral_c4c11fe1f3d01835\" folder from a windows 7 32 client to the "FileRepository\" folder on the printserver

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