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  • besx executables missing

    I'm putting this here. as I don't think it's necessaril a BESX issue.

    I have BES Express 5.04 installed on a 2008 R2 server at D:\program files(x86)\research in motion\Blackberry Enterprise Server\

    I installed it, and it chugs along fine.
    Then a day or two later, they call up complaining. some people aren't getting emails, others are, all sorts of weird behaviour.
    event logs show heaps of crap about services not being installed, or corrupt - low and behold, on investigation, all the executable and DLL files are missing from the BESX directory. All the subfolders exist though.

    this has happened 2 or 3 times now - everything just disappears.
    AV and chkdsk both check out. This is a brand new virtual server, and noone else is messing around with it. nothing else seems to go missing from the volume.
    Reinstalling BES over the top fixes it (for a day or two) then it happens again

    Any thoughts.. ?
    If I have to.. I may try the next reinstallation to C: Drive
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    Re: besx executables missing

    Enable object access auditing and turn on all audit settings for the directory -- it will tell you what has happened next time.

    What do you mean by "AV and chkdsk both check out"? I would be looking at an AV scan identifying the files as malware as a very likely possibility

    Is D your main OS drive?
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      Re: besx executables missing

      no, main OS drive is C:
      chkdsk checks out as in thre's no file system issues identifiable with chkdsk.

      Av/Malware hadn't been installed at the time this first started happening.
      Iit's also a centrally managed MSP product (Panda, n-able) and uses the same profile and settings as all the other bes servers for other clients, and the previous installation for this client.
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