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How yo setup Winserv2008 add more disks to secure

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  • How yo setup Winserv2008 add more disks to secure


    i need some suggestions because ive never done that before. Our home-office does have a simple pc which has only one disk and runs the forefront tmg through windows server 2008. But i am afraid that the disk can crash and when the tmg dies the whole internet will be gone and thats terrible. A friend of mine whos not here anymore made that for us and i know that its possible to add more disks so that when one disk dies the otherone runs imediately and the server will stay on.
    Can anyone who did that suggest me whats the best thing to do it? How can we configure or add disks and how to set it up.
    That would help us so much.

    thanks alot
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    Re: How yo setup Winserv2008 add more disks to secure

    The solution you are looking for is called Disk Mirroring or RAID 1

    Depending on your hardware, there are two possible ways:

    1) add a second disk of at least the same size as the current one, and look for a RAID controller in the BIOS -- may need to be enabled and then configured as two operations (WARNING -- read documentation first as you can wipe out your current operating system if you misconfigure RAID -- it is normally done before installing an OS)

    2) Add a second disk and then add software RAID within Windows -- it will involve changing both disks to Dynamic and will run slower than hardware RAID above, but is safer

    I strongly suggest you get some expert support to do this unless you are confident in your Windows skills
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