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  • File Server migration

    I have just been tasked with file server migration.
    I have two file servers running on domain A that I want to migrate to fileservers on domain B without impacting security, permission, etc. Everything should remain intact after the servers are moved to domain B.

    Fileservers on domain A:
    FS01: WIN2K3 R2
    FS02: Win2k3 R2

    Fileservers on domain B:
    FS1 and FS2
    Both file servers are Win2K8 R2

    I want to migrate FS01 and FS2 from domain A to domain B then to FS1 and FS2.
    There is a two way trust between domain A and B.
    Any suggestions?


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    Re: File Server migration

    I'm a little confused about what you're asking, but have you investigated the Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT)?

    Migrate your users/groups to Domain B, be sure to leave SID history.
    Set up a DFS between servers, replicate the shares to the new servers.
    When done replication, decommission the old servers.

    May be a little more complicated than desired, but should achieve the same effect.