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mapped drive disconnects randomly

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  • mapped drive disconnects randomly

    Hi, I'm hoping I can get some help on this issue thats been haunting a user of mine for months. We have server 2008 R2 Std, user computer is XP Pro. her mapped drive disconnects randomly, while she's working and the only way to reconnect is to reboot the machine or log off. The drive is still there, no red X, but when you click on it it says "H: is not accessible, the network path was not found" I've done the following:

    firewall is off on both machine and server
    IP is static
    lanman server autodisconnect is set to fffff
    mapping the drive by IP and hostname
    nic is not in power save
    tried switching out nic
    switched out cable
    switched out switch and plugged directly to the wall
    ran a cable directly to the switch
    switched out the PC completely twice, one with another XP, the other with Win7

    When this happens, I can still ping the server both by IP and hostname and the server can ping the machine both by IP and hostname. This is only happening to 1 user.


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    Re: mapped drive disconnects randomly

    Try to disable or uninstall the security software and see if it still happens.
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      Re: mapped drive disconnects randomly

      Thanks for the reply. I disabled it and still the same issue, now I can't even map a drive at all tried uninstalling it, no difference.


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        Re: mapped drive disconnects randomly

        I have a similar problem when sophos filrewall blocks the connections.
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          Re: mapped drive disconnects randomly

          Apparently everyone is as stumped as I am.
          I've also tried changing the IP, also changing from static to dynamic
          changed the computer name
          Tomorrow I'm going to try to create a new user in AD and setup that user clean profile with a new mapped drive and see if the other user has the same problem.

          After the disconnect of the mapped drives happens, the user cant even browse to the server. It's like, the user is authenticated obviously because login happens and then a few mins after, the server kicks her off. Everything else is fine, internet works, email works because its Office 365. This is maddening!


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            Re: mapped drive disconnects randomly

            Is this your only server?
            If not, can you consider moving data and doing a rebuild?
            (If you have swapped the server NiC (and presumably checked all the cabling and switches involved) there is not much else you can consider.

            Have you used wireshark or something similar to monitor traffic to see if that gives you any clues?
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              Re: mapped drive disconnects randomly

              Well, its been 2 days and so far the mapped drives have not disconnected. I ran the netsh winsock reset catalog commandand that seems to have fixed it... for the time being, I hope for good

              Ossian: just for the record, yes there is only 1 server and all switches and cabling have been eliminated as well as the nic.