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When GPO's don't you....?

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  • When GPO's don't you....?

    ..use another form of software deployment?

    We have no end of GPO issues, which we (myself and our I.T. support team) just can't fathom. rsop.msc indicates that everything should work fine, yet the software, in this case java, just isn't being installed on the pc.

    So....i was reading a little about Local Update Publisher, for WSUS.

    Anyone got any experience, recommendations for this or other such deployment managing solutions please.

    We don't use SCCM just in case anyone asks (not that i know much about it)

    Many thanks

    edit: WS2008R2 domain and win7 pro x64 clients

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    Re: When GPO's don't you....?

    To deploy software, you would normally use MSI packages to deploy software to the computers (NOT to users, as it would only appear in Add/Remove Programs ready to install).

    The MSI should install ok without any input from users. Not all MSIs are GPO friendly and may requirement developing a deployable MSI from the install files using thirty party tools.

    The second method is to run the installation via the Startup script via GPO. Just point to a installation file or script to install the program.


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      Re: When GPO's don't you....?

      Do any other GPO software installs work on your network? Or is this the only one?

      Don't forget, when choosing the source file for the installation, you must browse and specify the location of the network path to the shared folder! I.e. \\filesrv\Javainstall\java.msi and NOT C:\Javainstall\java.msi.


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        Re: When GPO's don't you....?

        Ahaaa......right, after having GP issues for about a year now, we seem to have found the issue. The problematic computers had a localhost entry in the hosts file pointing to

        Removing this seems to allow the GPO's to be applied.

        I'm glad its fixed, but i have to say i'm pretty impressed with Admin Arsenal's PQD Deploy and PDQ Inventory.