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Stop users from creating sub folder structure

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  • Stop users from creating sub folder structure

    Currently we are moving a users over to a new file server.

    My problem is that I cannot stop users from creating their own folder security structure underneath their own department folder.

    when they go into advanced security permissions they can untick -incude inheritable permissions form the objects parent. Then thye set their own thing up.

    How do I stop this, I would have assumed that just using modify on the ntfs for the users would have worked.

    what am I doing wrong, can it be done with

    Thanks in advance (I have searched and read other posts btw)

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    Re: Stop users from creating sub folder structure

    I'll elaborate a little.

    My aim is to have users pretty much have full control of their department share folder. But remove the facilty to block/change the inherited permissions of the department folder. They will be able to create delete and edit folders though.

    I've tried allsorts of permission combinations. None achieve what I want, either it blocks access or leaves the remove inherited permissions wide open for them to remove.


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      Re: Stop users from creating sub folder structure

      If you enter the special permissions on the required top level folder you should see an option in there to Change Permission. Try setting that to Deny and see how you go.