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Upgrade 2003 to 2008 - not complete - is this OK?

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  • Upgrade 2003 to 2008 - not complete - is this OK?

    Hi all,
    I tried to upgrade from 2003 to 2008 and ran into an issue. What I did:
    • setup two 2008 servers (dc3 & dc4) - ran updates, stressed tested them etc. Have had them up and running for about 6 weeks without issue.
    • ran adrep successfully
    • added dc3 to the domain
    • promoted dc3 - dcpromo = all is well
    • at this point I now have two older 2003 DCs and the new 2008 DC3.

    At this point I restarted dc4 after running updates and got a "memory parity error." Basically I am now troubleshooting DC3 for a bad DIMM (or DIMMs).

    So here's my question - is there any harm in leaving the domain in this "half state." I have NOT demoted the 2003 DCs yet - and I do not run a domain unless I have at least two fully functioning DCs...

    Tonight I am going to run a full memtest on DC3 and when completed successfully will promote it - then demote the old 2003 DCs.

    Any help on this is greatly appreciated,

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    Re: Upgrade 2003 to 2008 - not complete - is this OK?

    You now actually have 3 running DC's if you have finished the dcpromo on DC3.

    As DC4 is not a DC yet it will have no bearing on what is going on with your domain.

    ADprep only "prepares" your domain for the installation of 2008 DC's. You can quite happily run 2003 DC's. We are doing this right now while we wait for the go ahead to upgrade our domain.


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      Re: Upgrade 2003 to 2008 - not complete - is this OK?

      Can you clarify -- are you troubleshooting DC3 or DC4?

      If DC3, you can still promote DC4 at any time
      If DC4, fix the memory first, then DCPromo

      If you need a minimum of 2 DCs you can unpromote DC1 (or 2) after 3 or 4 is stable and have both OSes running on DCs

      Since you have multiple DCs it will be better to manually transfer FSMOs from wherever they are to a known DC -- if you don't they could end up getting splattered over all available DCs once you demote the FSMO holder.
      Also make sure the new DCs are also DNS servers and DNS zones have replicated, and remember to change DHCP to point to the new DNS servers. Finally don't forget Global Catalog Servers!
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        Re: Upgrade 2003 to 2008 - not complete - is this OK?

        Thanks for all the replies. What happened:

        - I have a personal policy that I never have just one DC running (going back to NT4 days). My original plan was to promote DC3 & DC4, demote DC1 &2 and be finished. The problem was that DC4 had a bad Dimm.
        - Tested DC4 ram overnight - next morning replaced the bad DIMM and ran dcpromo - all is good.
        - so now I have four DCs - and need to schedule a day to demote DC1 & DC2.
        - The DCs are happily co-existing (which I was unsure of).