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2008 r2 IIS FTP 7.5 - Network File Share

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  • 2008 r2 IIS FTP 7.5 - Network File Share


    First time poster. I recently took a new job which resulted in me going from a 100% Ubuntu environment to a 100% Windows environment.

    They paid me... a lot.

    Anyways, problem is this: I am trying to set up IIS FTP 7.5 on our 2008 r2 web server. Everything works perfectly as long as I keep the FTP folder local - but if I try to point it to a network file share on another server (our file server, go figure), it will not properly authenticate.

    I have tried giving every single user and service that i can think of permissions to the folder - on both boxes to be sure - but no dice.

    I have also tried getting the MS FTP service to run as a different user other than "Local Service" - but it doesn't like that at all and drops an error and refuses to start the service.

    Any ideas? Am I missing something?

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    Re: 2008 r2 IIS FTP 7.5 - Network File Share

    How are you defining the path - that may be the issue - UNC path or \\ipaddress\sharename for example (or even DFS??)??

    I had FTP setup on a 2008 box that pointed to a share on a separate file server without any issues at all. I think I used UNC paths.

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      Re: 2008 r2 IIS FTP 7.5 - Network File Share

      Mapped the drive using UNC path and then just set up an ftp site on my webserver via the step by step template.