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Unable to install printers (Odd one for me)

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  • Unable to install printers (Odd one for me)

    Hello everyone,

    So I am having an interesting issue here. Basically, I am using RemoteApp through RDWeb and due to software and location issues, I am unable to just use the Easy Print Drivers with pass through printing. I actually have to map users to printer shares using a logon script pushed down through a GPO. I have two servers (both 2008 R2) acting as my application servers and one of them works flawlessly with my printer script. Users can log into the systems, get their printers and be on their way. The second server started to show some odd things. When users were logging in, I would get the error of "No printers were found" or "Access is denied." I logged into the server using my administrator credentials (a domain admin) and when I UNC to the printer server and attempted to map the printer, I would get an error that states "Windows cannot connect to the printer. The print processor does not exist."

    Since I am not using Easy Print Drivers, I have installed the drivers for the printers on the server, but it still does not work. I get the same error. I also found some articles that said my last error is a print driver issue, but I have removed the print drivers and reinstalled with no change.

    I am not sure if this is more of a printer issue or terminal services issue.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.