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File Migrations

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  • File Migrations

    Hi all

    I have a file server that is having issues and I am looking at using the File Migration toolkit to move my shares to another server on a temp basis. Rebuild the file server and then migrate everything back to the original file server.

    I just wondered if anyone else has performed anything similar, as I know the toolkit moves/migrates permissions I am more concerned that too many moves will cause me issues.


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    Re: File Migrations

    One method to try is using Robocopy to copy the data from the old server to the new one. The Robocopy switch i'll put below copies the folder, files, security, and permissions. Make sure to share out the folders on the new and old servers so that they can see each other for this command to work.

    ROBOCOPY \\oldserver\sharedfolder \\newserver\sharedfolder /MIR /SEC /SECFIX