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building failover cluster woes

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  • building failover cluster woes

    Hello guys, have been a long term reader but have never gotten to post yet, usually was able to find solutions
    now I am stumbled. I'm trying to build a failover cluster using 2 2008 r2 member servers, that are fully updated, tests and building the the node fail with pretty much the same error:

    the operation has failed, an error was encountered while loading network topology. error code: 0x80070721 a security package specific error occured.
    validation gives the following error for disk and network validation:

    An error occurred while executing the test.
    There was an error initializing the network tests.
    There was an error creating the server side agent (CPrepSrv).
    Creating an instance of the COM component with CLSID {E1568352-586D-43E4-933F-8E6DC4DE317A} from the IClassFactory failed due to the following error: 80070721

    i have tried purging kerb tickets, i have unjoined and joined the nodes from the domain, moved them to the ou that does not have any security restrictions.
    nothing helps. please advice

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    Re: building failover cluster woes

    the problem definitely pertains to policies/DC policies. when i join it to the forest root domain that does not have any custom policies, all validation tests pass, but once i move it back, into OU that has inheritance blocked, it just stops working. this leads me to believe that the problem might be with DC settings?


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      Re: building failover cluster woes

      solved it, looks like clustering still needs NTLM enabled in order to function.
      puzzling if you ask me but oh well.....