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Moving facilities - domain split?

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  • Moving facilities - domain split?

    Hello! and thanks in advance for any input on how to solve my little predicament.

    My company is moving to a new facility in two stages. There is currently NO point to point or VPN connection between the two locations.

    The first stage is to move our sales team (25 NEW client pcs) to the new facility, with support staff (60 OLD client pcs) coming a week later in stage two.

    We have a 2008R2 DC and a 2003 DC. It's been suggested that we physically move the 2003 DC to add the new sales client pcs to the domain and provide basic dns and dhcp functionality. Before connecting the 2008 DC when it arrives, remove dhcp on the 2003DC and then shut it down, as well as all the sales client pcs.

    We'd then power on the 2008 DC first, then the 2003 DC and allow them to synchronize before booting up any clients.

    Honestly (and probably obviously), I don't have the knowledge to argue against doing this - but I think we're headed for problems if we do it this way.

    My thought is to configure both DCs with the VPN/Remote access role, move the 2003DC and verify connectivity and sync between the two servers before doing anything with the 25 sales client pcs.

    Does anyone have any experience with a situtation like this?

    Thank you so much for your time and any positive suggestions!


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    Re: Moving facilities - domain split?

    Will your internet routers support VPNs? (most do)
    If so, use the routers to create a site to site VPN, check DCs are talking, then sort out the client PCs
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      Re: Moving facilities - domain split?

      Unfortunately, due to a network admin oversight, the routers will not be able to have a vpn connection established (LONG story).

      There's rumblings that the two stage will end up being combined - here's to hoping!