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Creating external trust

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  • Creating external trust


    We have 4 domains. 3 in Company A and 1 in Company B.
    Companies want to put an external trust in place between 2 of the domains to share resources across companies.

    When going through the trust wizard is asks for the DNS name or NETBios name of the other domain.

    Am I correct in thinking I should be entering the DNS name of the 3rd party DNS company that hold an external record of Company B.


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    Re: Creating external trust

    To make this as easy as possible, you should be entering the FQDN of the AD domain that you want to create a trust with. You'll also need to set up DNS conditional forwarders for the FQDN of each domain on the opposite domain's DNS servers. Domain A should have a conditional forwarder to Domain B DNS servers for the FQDN of Domain B and vice versa. Each DC in each domain needs to be able to resolve the FQDN of the other domain and that is accomplished with conditional forwarders.