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  • ad domains not selectable


    Have 3 domains in 3 different forests. A,B,C for arguments sake. There is a forest wide transitive trust with forest wide authentication in place.

    All DNS is AD integrated and there are conditional forwarders in place pointing at the DC/DNS server in the other domains.

    However, when logged in to Domain A I cannot right click AD root and "choose domain" then see the other domains and choose domain B or C and the situation is the same for domain B - I can however when logged in to Domain C connect to AD of Domain A.

    Also, When I try to change the domain from the Locations button the other domains cant be found or if they can be found it fails to resolve a username.

    I dont understand why... any suggestions/help appreciated.

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    Re: ad domains not selectable

    Firewalls on both ends configured correctly to allow the appropriate traffic?