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Central control of UAC via Group Policy?

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  • Central control of UAC via Group Policy?

    Ok, so I have a SBS2008 server and a number of Windows 7 64-bit PCs connected to it.

    On one PC i need to allow the user that always logs on to it to be able to have the user account control to be set to level 3 as a peice of business critical software will not run on any other setting. I don't really want to give the user full admin and i don't really want to hack the reg settings and turn off UAC.

    Am i correct in thinking that this can be resolved by using the group policy function? I'm new to GP so any help you can offer will be very much appreciated.


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    Re: Central control of UAC via Group Policy?

    You are corret that you can administer UAC via GPO.

    Whether you can allow the change you want is another thing.

    This Technet article will give you ome guidance with settings