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Server2008 R2 domain controller network issue

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  • Server2008 R2 domain controller network issue

    Hi Guys

    I hav recently setup a new domain controller 2008 std R2 and created the following roles:

    ran dcpromo and created an active directory with domain
    dns server which is active directory integrated

    I run a program which is browser based on the client pc's and works with IIS on the server.
    Randomly I get a Page cannot be displayed when the user on Windows7 Pro works on the web based program and when she opens google in another tab, it also showed page cannot be displayed. Until you press refresh about 5-6times or wait for 10 seconds then the program opens again back to the login page and googles open.

    i then added an alternative dns for my isp on the clients Alternate DNS. Now that is sorted out. When the Web based app gets a page cannot be displayed, google still opens.

    I suspect it to be a dns issue
    When I right click my DNS server and tell the server to launch nslookup it comes up with
    DNS request timed out
    timeout was 2 seconds
    Default server: Unknown

    if you type the server name after the > it picks dispalys the followjgserver:
    server: unknown
    name: rmsvsldc01.rmsvsl.local
    is this the correct result?

    Server IP:
    default gateway:

    P DNS:
    A Dns: ISP's dns server address

    What I have tested.

    1. tested pinging from client pc to server with IP and name OK. no timeouts
    2.Replaced dell powerconnect 2824 switch with standard 8 port switch. no difs
    3. Disabled IPV6 on client computers(win 7)
    4. Changed IPv4 as preference above IP6 on server
    5. All firewalls on server disabled and on clients
    6. Disabled client's anti virus (Eset NOD32). no difs
    7. check the power management on server NIC is disabled
    8. Set the auto disconnect on server for mapped drives from 15 minutes to 960 minutes and on clients aswell
    My Windows7 clients sometimes cant access the mapped drives until one keeps on trying to open and open and open, and eventually it goes

    Do you guys think i need to add additional DNS record in my forward lookup zone? Over and above that which has been put in by the dcpromo wizard?
    I dont have a reverse lookup zone

    thanks guys for the help !

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    Re: Server2008 R2 domain controller network issue

    I think I ran on a similar situation once. In 2008 standart theres DNS desolution concept. You should try to add the domain name in the dns suffix name of the TCP/IP properities. I'm not sure but its worth trying.


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      Re: Server2008 R2 domain controller network issue

      Hi gzgz

      Thanks for your reply

      Sorry to be stupid, can you sort of direct me on how to do that. Must this be done o nthe client pc's or the server


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        Re: Server2008 R2 domain controller network issue

        Hi guys, after snooping around on google i came across another thread on Petri which describes my problem. But no answer was given. Anyway

        What i have seen now. The connection will drop in such a way that my mapped drives get disconnected. When i try and browse my server from the client pc
        \\ or \\rmsvsldc01\ it comes back that the address cannot be accessed. Eventually it "picks up" the connection from the client pc's and one is then able to browse via ip and name

        ping replies show fine with no time outs but browsing the server becomes a problem. I havent updated the Dell Poweredge R320 server's NIC cards. Might that be the case?

        regards Henk


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          Re: Server2008 R2 domain controller network issue

          Just another update.

          The issue described below regarding browsing of the server is only related to Windows7 computers

          The XP Pro pc's seem fine with browsing the server at the same exact time of the incident on the windows7 pc's.

          Might it be a IPV4 /IPv6 issue on the Win7 pc's?


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            Re: Server2008 R2 domain controller network issue

            Hi guys

            OK what i have found out:

            Network browsing drops on the server when browsing from the pc's. Browsing other pc's at that same instance shows the shared files/folder on another pc

            Thus it was an issue on the server.

            I setup remote desktop protocol and allowed the user to access her web based program from there, she randomly got interrupted connections with reconnection attempts. This happened on 2 laptops (win7 and XP)

            So i have swopped the network cable from LAN1 to LAN2 and so far today no problems.

            Its slightly early to say the problem has been resolved but the signs look good so far.
            Will report back in a day or two


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              Re: Server2008 R2 domain controller network issue

              I have also disabled the netbios over tcp. (dont know if this is the issue)

              The server is fine so far.