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Browsing Speed - Internet Explorer vs Internet Explorer (64-bit)

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  • Browsing Speed - Internet Explorer vs Internet Explorer (64-bit)

    This is a plea for technical explanation and help.
    I have a Citrix Server running W2K8 (64-bit, 12GB RAM, only 10 users) where users began having very slow browsing response - freezing? on their favourite news and content websites (nineMSN, etc) when using Internet Explorer 8.
    Often the status bar would show a download frozen in place (an advertisement or some other webpart), and IE wouldn't respond at all.

    In my start menu is an Internet Explorer (64-bit) entry. When I got my users to try that app. it worked brilliantly, for 3-4 days, but now it's as slow as the other version (I guess 32-bit).

    I'm using Trend Micro's WFBS Advanced, and tried excluding the popular websites from web-reputation filters, but it seems to have had no effect.

    I regularly check my servers for Malware (WFBS, but also TDSKiller and Malwarebytes - one off runs - they are not running along with WFBS).

    Can anyone help?
    If I try Mozilla or Chrome will they just slow down too?
    I have turned IEC OFF for users and admins.

    My Administrator account is always fast - even if I browse the same sites as my users.

    This fact and the fact that the new IE (64-bit) browser is now as slow as the old, makes me think there IS some malware in operation, and my users have quietly shot themselves in the foot.

    Is this the right forum for this question?

    Thanks for listening - I look forward to comments...
    Rod Rocket, Melbourne, Australia

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    Re: Browsing Speed - Internet Explorer vs Internet Explorer (64-bit)

    Do you browse through a proxy or direct?
    Have you got the latest version of flash installed?
    Is browsing slow from anywhere else for these users?
    Any group policies affecting the server (maybe blocking access to temp dirs?). Any permission changes out of normal?
    What profiles in use?
    Any difference if you create a fresh profile for a user?
    Can you clear the temp dirs for a user and see if that changes anything?
    How about trying IE with no addons?

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