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Unsolved: duplicate usernames in shared folder permisions

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  • Unsolved: duplicate usernames in shared folder permisions

    I have an anomaly that happens when checking many users' permissions on shared network folders. Like many others, we have a shared drive with users' folders named with their user names. When checking permissions on the first user (rt-click the folder > Properties > Security > under Group or usernames: ) we may only see one instance of the user, sometimes we'll immediately see two.

    Sometimes, we'll only see one instance of the user, but after checking several folders, the latest one will have the username of the previous one in addition to the correct one. Then the incorrect username will be above or below all subsequent usernames we check on their network folder with the permissions grayed out.

    Circled is the incorrect entry that we will see on ALL subsequent user folder permissions we will check. We'll see on other drives as well, even DFS shares, but not locally on our computers in I.T.

    Today when I checked, the first folder was Allen and there were 2 entries for him. Now his user account shows up in all the other user's folders when checking permissions. It's true the user accounts were created by different people, but they use the same script.

    I'm charged with figuring this out and have tried many things including disk clean up, ccleaner w/ all checked off, rebooting helps ill, nothing works. After rebooting, the previous duplicate entry is gone, but another takes its' place after trying to replicate the issue.
    I'm using Windows 7, but it happens with XP as well.

    Windows Server 08 R2 > AD2 > NTFS shares

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Unsolved: duplicate usernames in shared folder permisions

    Have you checked folder permissions inheritance on the parent folder to make sure the name you are seeing is not automatically propagated to new folders created beneath it.
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