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FQDN Keeps Changing

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  • FQDN Keeps Changing

    I have a server which is a week old on a new sub domain which is 2 weeks old.

    I have noticed that the FQDN of my server keeps changing each time I reboot.

    I then have to un-join & re-join to the the domain to get the server working again.

    My parent domain =
    My sub domain =

    My server name is EU-TESTBOX01
    My FQDN is

    When ever I reboot the server FQDN changes to so it thinks its part of the parent domain.

    As you can guess this prevents me logging into the server with a domain account & any of the services starting on the server. The message I see when trying to log on is:

    The security database on the server does not have a computer account for this trust relationship.

    Does anyone have any suggestions why this is?

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    Re: FQDN Keeps Changing


    Found the answer to this one, it was my GPO which someone had enabled at root level.

    Part on one of the GPO's sets a DNS Suffix for all of our domain names which allows you to enter a DNS friendly name rather than the machines FQDN

    On the "DNS" tab on the Advanced part of the Network adapter. I'm not 100% sure on this but im 99% sure it was this.

    I've left this one with the person who set the GPO up & dint bother to test it.